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Mass Spectro Meet 2019

About Conference

Welcome to Mass Spectro Meet 2019

Mass Spectro Meet 2019 invites proficient physicists, specialists, educators, established researchers, delegates, understudies, business experts and administrators from everywhere throughout the world to go to the "International Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography" during June 17-18, 2019 Dubai, UAE. which incorporates provoke keynote introductions, Oral talks, Poster introductions and Exhibitions with the topic "Gaining's from Advanced Chromatographic Techniques and Mass Spectrometry Applications". 

Mass Spectro Meet 2019 meeting could be a worldwide stage for sharing and investigating new regions of innovative work and to evaluate rising advances in the field of chromatography. In Mass Spectro Meet 2019, there will be numerous courses, workshops and specialized sessions happen in this meeting arrangement which will grab the eye of the experts to go to the gathering and it would immensely enhance our insight in understanding the present prerequisites of the worldwide pharmaceutical industry. The master will motivate a superb chance to give numerous introductions and addresses on various subjects. 
Mass Spectro Meet 2019 is a worldwide yearly occasion to talk about and find out about various sorts of chromatography and partition systems in science, Hyphenated Separation Techniques, Novel detachment procedures, High-Performance Liquid Chromatography, Various uses of chromatography and research identified with these fields.


Target Audience:

Analytical experts in chromatography, Research Heads from Research Centres, Analytical experts in Pharmaceutical and Life science, Directors of analytical chemistry department in various Universities and institutions, Industrial expertise working with various novel solid and liquid columns, Marketing teams of Industries with novel products to showcase at the conference, Directors and Professors from Universities and Institutions, Post-doctoral and PhD students working on analytical method development, Theoretical scientists working on deriving analytical hypotheses, Relevant Graduate and Postgraduate students



Track 1: Fundamentals of Mass Spectrometry

Mass Spectrometry is a logical method that ionizes substance species and isolates the particles dependent on their mass to charge proportion. So as to quantify the qualities of individual particles, mass spectrometer changes over them to particles with the goal that they can be moved about and controlled by outside electric and attractive fields. Mass spectrometry has been upgraded with cutting edge highlights related the fields in science and medicinal examination

Track 2: Analytical Chemistry and Separation Techniques

Investigative science studies and uses instruments and strategies used to isolate, recognize, and measure matter. By and by division, distinguishing proof or measurement may establish the whole investigation or be joined with another strategy. Current Analytical Chemistry is ruled by the instrumental investigation. Numerous investigative scientific experts centre around a solitary kind of instrument. Scholastics will in general either centre around new applications and disclosures or on new techniques for examination. 

Track 3: Mass Spectrometry in Pharmaceutical Analysis

When growing new meds, pharmaceutical organizations, contract explore associations (CROs) and scholastic research facilities need to evaluate precisely the amount of a medication or its metabolites are available in the liquid or tissue of a natural framework. Required at the disclosure stage, through pre-clinical testing and amid clinical preliminaries, Xevo mass spectrometry frameworks enable you to make high-throughput and adaptable testing situations. Numerous, strong instruments can be utilized to guarantee the greatest dependability and reinforcement choices while limiting downtime. 

Track 4: Recent Advances and Development in Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry (MS) is an expository strategy that ionizes substance species and isolates the particles dependent on their mass to charge proportion. The new headways in ebb and flow patterns of utilizing mass spectrometry hold guarantees to address the deficiencies of information subordinate investigation and chose response observing (SRM) utilized in shotgun and focused on proteomics, individually the progressions incorporates all-particle discontinuity, Fourier change all response checking, SWATH Acquisition, multiplexed MS/MS, pseudo-SRM (pSRM) and parallel response observing (PRM).Mass spectrometry in the logical strategy which is being utilized in labs by examines and researcher from past 25years

Track 5: Mass spectrometry in Proteomics

Mass spectrometry has been generally used to examine natural examples and has developed into a crucial device for proteomics look into. Mass spectrometry is a basic system for the exact mass confirmation and depiction of proteins, and a grouping of methodologies and instrumentations have been made for its numerous jobs. Its applications join the conspicuous evidence of proteins and their post-translational changes, the clarification of protein structures, their subunits and utilitarian collaboration, and what's more the overall estimation of proteins in proteomics. It can in like manner be used to limit proteins to the distinctive organelles, and choose the joint efforts between different proteins and furthermore with film lipids.

Track 6: Separation Techniques with Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography

Blends come in numerous structures and stages. The vast majority of them can be isolated, and the sort of partition strategy relies upon the sort of blend it is. A partitioning method is a procedure to achieve any wonder that changes over a mix of compound substance into somewhere around two specific thing mixes, which may be implied as a mix, no short of what one of which is progressed in something like one of the mix's constituents. Now and again, a segment may totally disconnect the mix into its unadulterated constituents. Division contrasts in compound properties or physical properties, for instance, measure, shape, mass, thickness, or substance proclivity, between the constituents of a mix. 

Track 7: Troubleshooting, maintenance and experimentation with Mass Spectrometry

Mass spectrometry explore (MS) is a high-throughput exploratory technique that describes particles by their mass-to-charge proportion. The MS is made out of test readiness, sub-atomic ionization, location, and instrumentation examination forms. MS is gainful in that it is commonly quick, requires a little measure of test, and gives high precision estimations. Thus, MS alone or joined with other basic proteomics strategies is generally utilized for different sub-atomic science examination purposes. Instances of the examination incorporate post-interpretations alterations in proteins, recognizable proof of vibrational parts in proteins, and investigation of protein adaptation and elements.

Track 8: Mass Spectrometry Imaging

Mass spectrometry imaging is a system utilized in mass spectrometry to picture the spatial dispersion of substance creations e.g. mixes, biomarker, metabolites, peptides or proteins by their sub-atomic masses. Albeit broadly utilized conventional systems like radiochemistry and immunohistochemistry accomplish indistinguishable objective from MSI, they are restricted in their capacities to break down numerous examples immediately, and can turn out to be missing if scientists don't have earlier learning of the examples being considered. Crisis Radiology in the field of MSI are MALDI imaging and optional particle mass spectrometry imaging (SIMS imaging). Imaging Mass Spectrometry is an innovation that joins progressed investigative procedures for the examination of biomedical Chromatography with spatial loyalty.

Track 9: Applications of Chromatography

Chromatography assumes a critical job in numerous pharmaceutical ventures and furthermore in the compound and sustenance industry. Natural testing research facilities by and large need to recognize for little amounts of contaminants, for example, PCBs in waste oil, and pesticides. The Environmental Protection Agency makes the technique for chromatography to test drinking water and to screen air quality. Pharmaceutical enterprises utilize this technique both to get ready enormous amounts of to a great degree unadulterated materials, and furthermore to dissect the refined mixes for follow contaminants. Alternate utilizations of chromatography particularly HPLC is utilized in Protein Separation like Insulin Purification, Plasma Fractionation and Enzyme Purification. 

Track 10: High-Performance Liquid Chromatography

Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is extraordinary and another kind of section chromatography that siphons an example blend or analyte in a dissolvable at high weight through a segment with chromatographic pressing material. HPLC can investigate, and separate aggravates that would be available in any example that can be broken up in a fluid in follow fixations. In view of this favorable position, HPLC is utilized in an assortment of mechanical and logical applications, for example, pharmaceutical industry, ecological, scientific science, and synthetics. Superior Liquid Chromatography has acquired parcel of focal points the division of nourishment examination and furthermore in the investigation of different fat dissolvable nutrients. HPLC is additionally utilized in DNA fingerprinting and bioinformatics

Track 11: Types of Chromatography Techniques

Chromatography uses stage harmony apportioning standards to segregate proteins, nucleic acids, or little particles in complex mixes in perspective of their changing associations with a stationary stage and a versatile stage. There are two fundamental kinds of chromatography: Liquid chromatography (LC) and gas chromatography (GC). Both LC and GC can be used for either preparative or insightful applications. Chromatography methodologies can in like manner be requested by the chromatography media science: the sorts of physicochemical affiliations used to fragment parts into the stationary and portable stages along these lines achieve division.

Track 12: Hyphenated Techniques in Chromatography

A Hyphenated technique is a mix or coupling of two distinctive analytical techniques with the assistance of proper interface. Mostly chromatographic techniques are consolidated with spectroscopic techniques. The term hyphenated methods range from the blend of separation-separation, separation-identification & identification-identification techniques. The hyphenation of these strategies prompts better examination of the segments. Hyphenated methods indicate specificity and sensitivity

Track 13: Mass Spectrometry in Food Analysis

High-goals mass spectrometry (HRMS), which is utilized for buildup investigation in nourishment, has increased more extensive acknowledgement over the most recent couple of years. The fundamental highlights of mass spectrometry joined with partition instruments are examined in nourishment related examination. An ongoing utilization of mass spectrometry (MS)- based methods for the examination of mixes of sustenance concern. Substances examined are normally happening mixes in sustenance items, for example, lipids, oligosaccharides, proteins, nutrients, flavonoids and related substances

Track 14: Biomedical Chromatography

Biomedical Chromatography is a procedure in which a compound blend conveyed by a fluid or gas is isolated into parts because of differential dispersion of the solutes as they stream around or over a stationary fluid or strong stage. There are two primary classes of chromatography: preparative and systematic. An example to be isolated, when set on the stationary area, will step by step move along indistinguishable way from the versatile stage. In the event that an example compound (or analyte) has no communication with the stationary stage, it will run directly through and leave the framework (elute) at an indistinguishable rate from the versatile area. On the contrary hand, if an analyte has no association with the portable stage, it will stick on to the stationary stage and never elute. Neither of these is a great result

Track 15: Chromatography in Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical

One of the most characteristic features of the development in the methodology of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis is that HPLC became undoubtedly the most important analytical method for identification and quantification of drugs, either in their active pharmaceutical ingredient or in their formulations during the process of their discovery, development and manufacturing. Drug development starts with the discovery of a molecule with a therapeutic value. This can be done by high throughput screening during which separations by fast or ultra-fast HPLC are performed. At the discovery stage there can be also characterizing synthetic or natural products

Track 16: Multidimensional Chromatography

Both thorough two-dimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) and far reaching two-dimensional fluid chromatography (LCxLC) have created as competent instruments for extending the pinnacle furthest reaches of a lone chromatographic examination. Utilizing symmetrical chromatographic frameworks, analytes can be disconnected by two exceptional, progressive upkeep frameworks; this method mulls over analytes to be detached from various aggravates that would routinely co-elute in a singular dimensional partition. Attempts at NIST are being composed toward the examination of issues related to quantitation by both GCxGC and LCxLC, regard errand of complex framework Standard Reference Materials (SRMs), and non-focused on investigation

Track 17: Market Growth of Chromatography

The Chromatography business is demonstrating development quickly, with esteem anticipated that would hit 228 billion dollars by 2016, up from 164 US billion dollars in the time of prior 2010, developing yearly development of almost 7, as indicated by an ongoing modern promoting research report. Topographically, worldwide partition procedure advertise has been divided into four regions in particular, North America, a few sections of European area, Asia-Pacific and Rest of the World. The worldwide gas chromatography advertise, esteemed at $2,583.6 million in prior 2014, is probability to walk up to $3,605.1 US million by 2019 at a CAGR of 6.9%.This worldwide market report classifies the market into 3 wide sections, similar to, Instrumentation, Accessories and Consumables, and Reagents.



Market Analysis

Market Analysis
Mass Spectro Meet 2019 respects all participants, moderators, and exhibitors from everywhere throughout the world to Columbus, Ohio, USA. We are pleased to welcome all of you to visit and enlist for the " International Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography" which will be held amid June 17-18, 2019 Dubai, UAE. 
The sorting outboard of trustees is proceeding onward to an energizing and useful meeting program including whole addresses, symposia, workshops on an assortment of points, publication introductions and different projects for members from everywhere throughout the world. We welcome you to go along with us at the Mass Spectro Meet 2019, where you will be happy to have an important involvement with researchers from around the globe. All individuals from the Mass Spectro Meet 2019 arranging board of trustees anticipate meeting you in Columbus, USA.In light of utilization, the market is fragmented into pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, mechanical science, ecological testing, sustenance and drink testing, and others. In 2015, the pharmaceuticals fragment is evaluated to represent the significant offer of the mass spectrometry showcase. Based on the district, the market is separated into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Rest of the World (RoW). In 2015, North America is relied upon to represent the biggest offer of the mass spectrometry showcase, trailed by Europe and Asia-Pacific. Be that as it may, the Asia-Pacific market is slated to develop at the most elevated CAGR amid the conjecture time frame and fill in as an income stash for organizations offering mass spectrometry gear.
Scope and Importance:

The Mass Spectrometry people group is most likely the biggest gathering of researchers working around a solitary device. Mass Spectrometry (MS) is seemingly the most imperative explanatory spectroscopic instrument of current occasions. There is no single region of exploratory science where Mass Spectroscopy isn't being utilized. There is no college or research establishment in the created world without a Mass Spectrometer. The exploration benefit dissects the worldwide Mass Spectrometry showcase. The item fragments secured incorporate single quadrupole LC-MS, pair quadrupole LC-MS, GC-MS, TOF LC-MS, ICP-MS, and MALDI-TOF MS. End-client bunches have been separated into the scholarly world and government, pharma/biopharmaceuticals, modern segments, and connected markets. Income figures have been accommodated item fragments and end clients from 2012 through 2022. Provincially, the market has been fragmented into North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific/Rest of the World. The investigation additionally offers dispersion channel and aggressive examinations talks about the key market drivers and limitations and gives pervasive market and innovation patterns.

                                  Global gas chromatography market

Why in UAE

Dubai is situated on the Eastern shoreline of the Arabian Peninsula, in the south-west corner of the Arabian Gulf. It is to a great degree surely understood for its warm accommodation and rich social legacy, and the Emirati individuals are inviting and liberal in their way to deal with guests. With all year daylight, charming deserts, lovely shorelines, extravagant inns and shopping centers, captivating legacy attractions and a flourishing business network, Dubai gets a huge number of recreation and business guests every year from around the globe. The neighborhood money is the dirham, which is pegged at AED 3.67 to 1 US dollar. Dubai is tolerant and cosmopolitan and all guests are welcome. Be that as it may, Islam is a lifestyle in the city, and in this manner vacationers ought to embrace a specific dimension of social and religious affectability for the span of their rema


Top Universities in UAE

  • Abu Dhabi Polytechnic                      
  • Abu Dhabi School of Management               
  • Abu Dhabi University            
  • Abu Dhabi Vocational Education And Training Institute                
  • Al Ain University of Science and Technology                      
  • Al Hosn University
  • Al Khawarizmi International College            
  • Emirates College for Advanced Education               
  • Emirates College of Technology                    
  • Emirates Diplomatic Academy          
  • Emirates Institute For Banking And Financial Studies                     
  • Emirates Institute For Citizenship And Residence               
  • European International College                     
  • Fatima College of Health Science                 
  • Higher Colleges of Technology                     
  • INSEAD                    
  • Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research                   
  • Masdar Institute of Science and Technology            
  • National Defense College                  
  • New York Institute of Technology               
  • New York University, Abu Dhabi                 
  • Paris Sorbonne University, Abu Dhabi                      
  • Petroleum Institute                
  • Police College Y        
  • Rabdan Academy                  
  • Syscoms College                    
  • United Arab Emirates University                  
  • Universitè Mohammed V-Agdal Abu Dhabi            
  • University of Strathclyde Business School - UAE                
  • Zayed II Military College                  
  • Zayed University                   
  • Ajman Ajman University                   
  • Mohammed V university                   
  • United nations University ajman                   
  • City University College of Ajman     

Major Associations in the World

  •    Alpha Chi Sigma
  •    American Association for Clinical Chemistry
  •    American Chemical Society
  •    American Crystallographic Association
  •    American Institute of Chemical Engineers     
  •    Chemical Society of Pakistan
  •    Chemical Society of Peru
  •    Chinese-American Chemical Society
  •    Chinese Chemical Society
  •    Council for Chemical Research
  •    Chemical Research Society of India
  •    Indian Chemical Society
  •    Institute of Chemistry, Ceylon
  •    Institute of Chemistry of Ireland
  •    Institution of Chemical Engineers
  •    International Mass Spectrometry Foundation
  •    International Union of Crystallography
  •    International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry
  •    Société Chimique de France
  •    Society of Chemical Industry (SCI)
  •    Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates (SOCMA)
  •    Society of Cosmetic Chemists
  •    Swedish Chemical Society
  •    The Korean Chemical Society

Related Societies

Asia & Pacific : Asia Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering | Iranian Association of Chemical Engineering | Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers | Israel Institute of Chemical Engineers | Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers | Philippine Institute of Chemical Engineers | Society of Chemical Engineers | Society of Chemical Engineers | Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineering | Thai Institute of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry

USA: American Chemical Society | American Institute of Chemical Engineers| Association of Energy Engineers | Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering | National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers | Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers Mexico

Europe: European Federation of Chemical Engineering Associazione Italiana Di Ingegneria Chimica DECHEMA | Institution of Chemical Engineers | Société Française de Génie des Procédés

Related Conferences

International Conference on Polymerization Catalysis, Flexible Polymer and Nanotechnology, February 20-21, 2019 Abu Dhabi, UAE; 12th Global Experts Meeting on Chemistry and Computer-Aided Drug Design Jan 30-31, 2019 Seoul South Korea; 9th International Conference and Exhibition on Spectroscopy and Analytical Techniques; April 17-18, 2019 Osaka, Japan; 20th Chemistry Education on Analytical & Medicinal Drug Discovery February 22-23, 2019 San Fransisco, USA;  19th World Conference on Chromatography & Spectrometry March 20-21, 2019,New York, USA; Materials Electrochemistry Conference: Advancements and Breakthroughs January 28-29, 2019 Abu Dhabi, UAE;  8th International Conference on Petro Chemistry and Chemical Engineering March 25-26,2019Amsterdam, Netherlands;  12th International Conference and Exhibition on Materials Science and Chemistry May 20-22, 2019 Zurich Switzerland; Analytical and Bioanalytical Methods Conference April 29 - May 01, 2019 San Francisco, CA, USA


Past Conference Report

Euro Mass Spectrometry 2018

Euro Mass Spectrometry 2018

We gratefully thank all our wonderful Keynote and Plenary Speakers, Conference Attendees, Students, Media Partners and Associations for making Euro Mass Spectrometry 2018 grand success.

The 7th World Congress on Mass Spectrometry hosted by the Conference series was held during June 20-22, 2018 at Rome, Italy based on the theme “Recent advancements, novel applications and future approaches of Mass Spectrometry". Benevolent response and active participation were received from the Organizing Committee Members along with Scientists, Researchers, Students and leaders from the area of Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography and Analytical science, who made this event a grand success.

Conference series expresses its gratitude to the conference Moderator, namely Yuliya E Silina,form  INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Germany for taking up the responsibility to coordinate during the sessions. We are indebted to your support. Similarly, we also extend our appreciation towards our Poster judge namely, Nives Galić, From the University of Zagreb, Croatia

Conference series would like to convey a warm gratitude to all the Honorable guests and Keynote Speakers of Euro Mass Spectrometry 2018:

Steven J Soldin, National Institutes of Health (NIH), USA

Nives Galić, University of Zagreb, Croatia Eduard Rogatsky, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, USA

Giovanni Meloni, University of San Francisco, USA

Ali Mohammad-Djafari, CNRS, France

Yuliya E Silina, INM-Leibniz Institute for New Materials, Germany

Cilong Yu, Shenzhen Univeristy, China

Jo Dames, Water-link, Belgium

Katleen Van Den Steen, Water-link, Belgium

Ersilia Bifulco, University of Bergen, Norway

Conference series offers its heartfelt appreciation to organizations such as our esteemed Media Partners, Exhibitors, and other eminent personalities who supported the conference by promoting in various modes online and offline which helped the conference reach every nook and corner of the globe. It also took privilege to felicitate the Keynote Speakers, Organizing Committee Members, Chairs and Co-chairs who supported this event.

With the grand success of  Euro Mass Spectrometry 2018, Conference series is proud to announce the "International Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography"  

June 17-18, 2019 Dubai, UAE

Past Reports  Gallery  

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date December 12-13, 2019

Speaker Opportunity

Past Conference Report

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Journal of Analytical & Bioanalytical Techniques Journal of Chromatography & Separation Techniques Nano Research & Application

All accepted abstracts will be published in respective Conference Series LLC LTD International Journals.

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