Mass Spectrometry- Fundamental Applications

  Mass spectrometry is an analytical technique used for the measurement of molecular mass of the sample. In clinical laboratory ionization mass spectrometry has become the most important tool for quantitative measurement of metabolites in a complex sample and its structural study. These spectrometers are reaching heights day by day due to its significant advancement in assay performance are occurring in areas such as endocrinology, toxicology, and biochemical markers. It also play a vital role in proteomics as well.


  • Mass spectrometry in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Chromatography Mass Spectrometry
  • Mass spectrometry for proteomics
  • Application in biochemistry and medical fields
  • Mass Spectrometry in petroleum, Space Science, astrobiology and atmospheric chemistry
  • Mass spectrometry in food analysis, industry and environmental analysis
  • Application of mass spectrometry in Atmosphereic science, Petroleum, and Space Science.
  • •Mass spectrometry in Biology, Life Science and Biotechnology
  • Mass Spectrometry in metabolomics,toxicology and drug discovery
  • Mass Spectrometry in polymers and molecular surfaces/films
  • Clinical application of mass spectrometry
  • Mass spectrometry in trace elements, trace gas and organic analysis
  • MS in biomedical and immunoassay
  • Structure determination of natural products by MS
  • Mass spectrometry using nano-optomechanical devices
  • MS in organic and inorganic chemistry

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